Favorites Friday

1.  Teething tablets P broke her top teeth out recently and these little gems have been lifesavers.  I haven’t a clue how they were, other than amazingly.  If teething is your baby’s only problem — they totally work!

2.  Woah bill, BYU TV comes-up with something decent!  Actually, I think it’s almost the show that the world is waiting for.  Moms, making dinners for families that they can eat and enjoy together — it’s called the Food Nanny.  While she has a crazy Utah accent (which I somehow find comforting, and annoying at the same time) she has some good tips of what to do to get family meals going for YOUR family. :)

3.  Chuck.  I love that show.  Drew and I BOTH love that show, which is fairly rare…  I was so glad with the end of this week’s show, and to prevent spoilage I’ll leave it there.  It’s just nice to see a good guy win.

3.  Wii fit plus.  I’m really getting into this.  I’m adding it as my easier cardio on a few days a week.  It does get you moving, and you usually break a sweat.  We got wii fit plus and I actually like it a LOT more than the regular wii fit (it just has more games and options).

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