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1.  I bought a set kind of like these, but they’re MUCH cheaper at Walmart.  I think they were like 97 cents.  Anyway, you know how some recipes call for you to add a million spices all at once.  I find myself getting them all out while I’m waiting for it to boil, or whatever but feel harried when I need to get them all in there.  This way, I just put them in my little cups and just throw them in at the right time.  Also, I am often measuring out 1/2 an ounce of cheese and while I enjoy playing guessing games as to how much is right, these make it really simple! (plus, they are almost exactly 1/2 an ounce of cheese).  Did I mention I like cheese?  I think I have too much pride to put it as one of my favorites though. :)
2.  Yoga.  I know, where did this come from? — but I have to admit after 35 minutes of Total Body Workout from BYU TV yesterday I felt like I’d had a massage.  It was so nice to feel like I’d stretched all those muscles. Also, I started with a headache and ended without one.  That could be thanks to the ibuprophen and sudafed though.  I do feel like I am going to fall down a good 45% of the time, but she talks about being patient with yourself.  Just ask Drew, anything that provides me half an ounce more of patience is welcome in this house!  Also, she was talking about your chi or something like that… how you show the joy in your face by how much you enjoy moving your muscles.  This morning when I was reading my scriptures I was thinking that I find a lot of joy in motherhood, but it definitely doesn’t show on my face.  I need to find the joy in each thing that I’m doing.  A learning experience.
3.  My job.  There are times when you feel like you are in a certain place at a certain time to do a certain thing.  Wednesday was one of those times.  I love getting a calm assurance that God loves me and he appreciates when I am thoughtful to others.
The First Years Take And Toss Spill Proof Cups, 4 Pack, Colors May Vary , 10 Ounce4.  These sippy cups did it!  I got my little P to drink from them last night.  It was a miracle.  A miracle that wasn’t re-produced this morning, but it’s all about baby steps, right?  I think it’s time to be done with the bottles.  I think if I get her to take one again today I’m gonna put them in a bag for a friend.  I won’t miss washing those suckers.  I hate that.  I am torn though, I love that bottle time with my babies.  I love looking in their eyes and stroking their little heads, a moment out of my day to sit down with them and drink them in.  I need to still find those moments, and pray that at some point she can hold the sippy herself (that, didn’t happen last night… but baby steps, right?).

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  1. says

    You are so lucky.

    She likes the cheapest sippy cups in the world! My girls all liked the playtex ones…maybe it’s the way their mouths are genetically shaped or something. :)

  2. says

    I loved your comment about having the joy of motherhood show on your face. I remember awhile ago my eight year old asked me if I liked being a mom. After I told her I did she responded with, “But you yell at us.” I realized I need to make sure my kids know I really do enjoy being a mother.

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