Monday, December 20, 2010

And So, this is Christmas

Uh, what a day!  Millions of errands, millions of kids, or so it seems. 
Plus, what are the chances I end-up spending more on a certain husband's stocking then I spent on the rest of his Christmas.  The things that are tiny seem to cost so darn MUCH.
Anyone else?  Husbands, stockings?  Painful?
I am still loving the mail, and staring lovingly at our Christmas tree.  FHE tonight holds some promise of Christmas cheer.
Until then, I trudge through. ;)


  1. Love doing the stocking...and the gifts for hubby. constantly trying to surprise him, but I rarely do.

    makes it extra special when it happens.

    but dang, the stocking does cost.

  2. It's hard for me. All the stockings are hard for me. I don't want it to just be junk to fill it up, at the same time the kids want candy. Little stuff that might mean something costs money. I know I spent more this year on hubby's stocking than on the stuff that got wrapped.

  3. That was my day today! Only one stocking item for hubs. Have kind of forgotten about the stockings...just got P something for stocking today. Ed does not care, but thinking I will have maybe get a magazine or something to tuck in his..I will also have to fill my own stocking....I am such a good santa.

  4. Definitely some Christmas cheer at the FHE. :)
    And stockings are rough--we usually do oranges and candy. This year we aren't even doing them. Hooray Christmas travel!

  5. Joel is getting two things in his stocking, plus some candy. But they were expensive, those two things. :) Comparatively.


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