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I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have a firm testimony that callings (“jobs” we are given in our ward to help it run smoothly) are given from God. I mean, I know there are times when you’re just SEARCHING on the ward list for SOMEONE that will even DO a daring calling, but often times two of us would think of the same person at the same time, and really feel the spirit tell us this was the person we’d been looking for — who would make a difference.
So, Drew and I had previously had fairly hefty callings, which we enjoyed. We totally feel out of the “ward loop” now — but since I now have two jobs I guess it’s for the better. Anyway we were recently called to be the Ward Extraction coordinators. When we were called, we told them that time in the evenings where one of us could go out is very short. I mean, we don’t have a ton to do when we’re home in the evenings, but it is extremely rare that we’re both home (in fact, I think besides Monday nights it’s around 1 time/month) — but they said it woudln’t be a problem. But, it has, we can’t go to other people’s houses to share the joy of extraction (and it’s hard to share a joy you don’t know very well) because the one left home needs to stay with the kids. So, the stake extraction coordinator called us up to tell us we weren’t doing well enough (it said it MUCH nicer, really made it sound like our priority should be our families) so he’d like to ask the bishop to release us. I feel bad. I mean, why can’t I drop everything and go serve — I did it in Young Womens (but was was MUCH easier to take my kids). And why would we get a calling that we can’t really do (or, perhaps don’t have the willingness to sacrifice what would be necessary)? Anyway, just another reason to make me feel lower than dirt. I’m sure I’ll come out of it, but I don’t like failure. Maybe that was the lesson we were to learn, that failure is an option, and sometimes it’s what you need to do for your family.
On a side note, some of my non-LDS friends might be wondering what extraction is (no, nothing to do with teeth). Our church goes all around the world in search of old church records (be they catholic or jews, etc.). They take photographs of the pages in these books and send them back to church headquarters, where they are sent out to churches around the world for people to “extract” — or, get the names, dates, family members, etc. into a church system which people all over the world can go to in search of their ancestory. This is a large part of the reason we are such a giant in the family history arena, because our people are willing to do this. It’s tedious work, in many different languages and I salute anyone who can do it. I have at least recieved a belief (or testimony) that this work is very important and those rhat do it are working hard to benefit people everywhere.

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    OK I have to comment about this even though I am not LDS but I am a Christian. I’ve been always taught that the rank of importance is God, marriage, family and then church. So don’t feel guilty that at this season in your life you can’t give as much to your church as you would like (service-wise). Remember you have to answer only to God in the end and I think how we dealt with Him and our families will be right up their on His list and that just happens to be our focus now in life as young Moms. I’ve worked with High School youth in my church for the past 4 years and actually have recently decided to end my time there and focus more on my own family (either in their Sunday school or Bible Study with my husband). Anway – I don’t know if that tidbit means any difference just to say I know the “pull” you may feel between serving the church and trying to juggle all the other areas where you serve (like your family and the people you work with). Betcha didn’t know I could be so deep huh?! -Kent

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    Don’t beat yourself up. I also have a firm testimony of the importance of serving in callings, but there are many reasons we need to be released from them during different seasons of our lives. I also know that sometimes certain callings shouldn’t be ours for very long, and Heavenly Father always has a plan for those situations.


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