Memorial Day

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You know, when I lived in Utah we used to spend Memorial day driving around to the cemetaries and putting flowers on the graves of our loved ones. And now that I live in CA — there’s no graves of loved ones to put flowers on… unless I want to fly somewhere. So, I’ll just spend a moment reminicing about them… “virtual flowers” if you will.
My grandma Pope was the best grandma a girl could ask for. Always playing games, always knowing the right answers — just a super person. She died when I was pregnant with Conner, and one of my saddest personal things is that she wasn’t alive to see him. I know that he would have loved to hang out with her for a bit. Her husband died just after my dad got his PhD. I have always admired her spunk and spirit and willingness to have a great attitude even though she was “alone.”
I have two uncles who both died suddenly. My uncle Brad died in a plane crash when I was a Sophmore in college. He was fairly young — left 3 kids behind and a great wife. He had a great sense of humor and though more quiet about it than my other uncle could SERIOUSLY get some quiet stingers in… something I esteem to. He always wore polo shirts had a professional look about him. Great guy.
My uncle Randy died right after Conner was born — in his sleep. Cause of death still basically unknown. Again, leaving a great wife and 2 kids. Randy was a great man of both stature and humor and kindness. He spent somethng like the last 10 years of his life as a singles ward bishop in West Jordan (or South Jordan… some sort of Jordan). I admired his willingness to take out of his personal time to serve the church and those singles. He was EXTREMELY funny and was even a radio host for a while on one of those talk radio channels.
They say the legacy of people is the way those around them live after they’re gone. I have been so impressed by both my uncles families after his death and I have found great examples in both their wives. So, now I suppose I’ll go on to my “traditional” second part of Memorial day, planting flowers in our own yard (ok, they’re already planted, this is CA — but I’m gonna go make sure they’re growing). It’s interesting how my family always tied those two things together. I mean, placing flowers for the dead, and then planting our own — possibly reminders of how they’d want us to live our lives regardless of if they’re “here” or “there.”
I hope they look down from heaven every now and then and give a little extra help to my own family… here friends, these “flowers” are for you…

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  1. Anonymous says

    Hey, Erin Pope here. I love your story. What a neat idea. I’ll have to try that this next memorial day.

    Very good read, I’m gonna post a link to this on two peas if you don’t mind…


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