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So, I went to michael’s today to buy scrapbook binders. BTW, I’m on album #18 now and I am FULLY aware that I need another life. I bought one of those stepping stone kits to make for Drew. I thought the kids might think it was fun to do and then put hands in and then put the glass on (more Conner thinking it’s fun than Spencer) So, we put their names in (I placed them and Conner pushed) And then we did hands (and I pushed — btw, the set-up time on cemement’s fairly quickly, FYI). Then, it was time for the glass. i said i’d do the heart and Conner could od the rest… of cousre, he wanted to put glass all over the words and the hands… but I was freaking out… really not understanding why he couldn’t put stuff on the REST of the freaking stone (and it’s a decent size). But, it’s HIS project… what’s my PROBLEM!? I need to be more hands off… and I’m learning, just seems to be a slow process…

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    Okay – I tried to type this before and it got deleted before I could post. Anyway I have had one of those freakin’ out craft MOM episodes. Last Halloween I was making Tyler’s costume (my then 4 year old). I had everything laid out, glued or sewed together. I left to get some more supplies and when I got home my husband who was “watching” the kids said Tyler put his own touches on the costume. My little cutey had taken scissors and a marker and cut off parts of his costume and colored other parts. The craft Mom in me freaked out but my husband reminded me it is HIS costume and he loves what he did with it. So I let it go and he had a blast wearing it – so really who cares that parts of it were cut off and there were carefully placed scribbles all over it?

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