Dairy Queen and Seattle

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So, this fine picture is from our trip up to Seattle. Some FOOL decided she’d put on this fine ice cream cone costume and walk the streets. I have no idea what town we were in, but the bananna cream/french silk shake was devine! For me, there just isn’t enough money out there to have me put in this particular costume. The Second photo is of the underground tour of Seattle (http://www.undergroundtour.com/). Our bed and breakfast innkeeper said we should go. It was REALLY interesting. I won’t go into the details of the whole thing, but at one point in time you had to go up a ladder to get across the streets of Seattle and then back down another to go on the sidewalks (they built-up the section of the roads because they had plumbing issues). Anyway, I was a little nervous initially, but it was a very interesting tour. Our first night in SEattle we stayed in the Chinaberry Inn http://www.chinaberryhill.com/ . we had a complementary upgrade, and though I have little to say about the quality of the bed, the breakfast was AMAZING. We had this fruit with creme fresh, and then blueberry pancakes (giant ones) and THEN eggs and bacon (the thick SUPER yummy bacon). I feel lucky just thinking about it. Drew and I were so full after, full and happy. That’s bascially how I can sum-up our days to ourself, yummy and happy. Thanks Kristen!!! more tomorrow!

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    Wow – great to have you back. I missed you! Quite sad not to see any emails from you or comments in awhile. The underground tours sounds interesting and check out all those kids!

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