The final piece…

So, here it is — the final cake. I think as I step back and remember that he is ONLY 5, and not the President I feel like it’s fine. I know… the stars are a little over the top, but I thought I could tie it into the star wars theme a tad more with these fancy little additives. Is this picture blurry? P.S. I’d like to add that you won’t be seeing my additions in the “family fun” cake book any time soon… And I’m OK with that, I’ll stick to the scrap mags.

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 photo postfoote500copy_zps8188d13c.jpg


  1. Anonymous says

    It’s lovely. Conner helped. You made it yourself. It will (probably) taste good. But most of all—–it is done.
    Happy birthday to Conner.

  2. says

    I would feel pretty accomplished as a human being if I had a child and the worst thing s/he could say about me on the therapist’s couch at age twenty-something is: “My mom made the worst birthday cakes.”