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Ok, so by the way… the Mormon church is the SMALLEST world ever. If you know someone… you’re bound to know someone else. Especially when you went to BYU… Anyway, I have a friend Leslie who has a friend Kendra and THAT friend happens to be my BEST friend from college. I mean, we roomed together 3 years, we were bridesmaids for each other… and have we talked in the last year? No. Anyway, I called her last night {waiving to Kendra}… just like old times. Laying on our beds wondering if we’d ever get married or graduate, and which would come first.

It’s weird to think that our lives are totally separate now… a year without talking (possibly less… not really sure), she has 3 kids, we have 2. It’s weird to think that the people I am friends with now, could be strangers one day. Makes me want to spend another night at the Regency and catch up. Of course, we’d need a larger bedroom.. and babysitters… and perhaps now we’d wonder if our kids would ever get out of this “phase.” Things change my friends… they change.

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    What I love, is that with a true friend, you can pick up where you left off and it will always be like you never were “apart” My best friend and I talk so rarely it isn’t even funny…but you have inspired me to go email her right now!

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    I have had many “friends for a season” that have been very meaningful friendships in the place and time that I was in at that time. I don’t mind, I know that some friends will grow with me, and others are seasonal. It makes for a nice mix.

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    Isn’t it great to catch up with old friends. It some how adds to your sense of self. Don’t know if that came out right but it’s like they have known you during a certain period of time and somehow they remind you of who you are just by being your friend. I have a friend that I have had since I was 5 and she does that with me.

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    I still can’t believe what a small world it is sometimes, but these funny connections seem to inevitably pop up each year. Kendra and I had a fun chat about it while we were at the lake.

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