I’m BaaAAack…

Ok, now I chose this picture out of the possible 150 that I took (many of this particular pose, probably about 30 in 1 minute) because THIS is why we went. I mean, seriously, how great it this. I think that we (possibly just me, I hate to over-generalize for my WHOLE famile) forget how great it is to be near family, and for kids to have cousins.
Here Conner and Spencer are with the Erickson clan, and only 3/5ths of them. These are Kristen’s, Claudines and Carla’s kids (and respective husbands). We had a great time, and I can’t wait to blog the rest, but it’s 10:49 and since we got home at 2pm and I went to work at 5:30 (they were DYING… I mean, seriously — is there going to be a day they are NOT DYING?) I think I’d best get to bed. Love to y’all.

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    So glad you’re back!! I missed you.
    I totally get the going just to see cousins…we skipped out on Joel’s family reunion this year because the two families with cousins my kids’ age weren’t coming. We just didn’t see the point.