Friday, August 19, 2005


There were several looks today.
1. Today we did a "dry run" for kindergarten. I figure we'll do it a couple times next week, so Conner gets into a bit of a groove. He's our first schooler, so we gotta get into a groove. Conner went and had a look into his classroom. I can tell he is REALLY excited after looking at his classroom. I'm not toally sure which one is his, but both were all set-up ready for the little kiddies. He also played on the playground.
2. After the school we went to the grocery store. I was losing it while trying to find milk with a decent expiration date with incessant whining and talking from both children. I looked at Conner, and gave the proverbial "I AM GOING TO LOSE IT" lecture. The stock-boy came by and gave me a "look." And I looked at him and thought he'd cursed himself for parenthood, poor guy. Never think ill of parents, that will be you one day.
3. I had a look of astonishment when, like a fool, I decided to go to ONE MORE grocery store after visiting Drew at school (each had different, good, sales). The kids were SO good. We had a little "who's gonna be good in the store" cheer prior, and bribes were promised for the appropriate behavior. They came through, even Spencer -- I was very impressed.

ON a sadder note, O'Connor called and I, like a fool, am going to work tonight. I sure do like money. Isn't there a commandment I'm breaking somewhere?

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  1. I know I hate that when other people give you those looks and they have no frigging idea what it is like to be a parent. One time Timmy threw such a bad tantrum he refused to go into a store and I refused to give into him so I went in anyway (there were windows and he was holding on for dear life to the stand of a table - I thought for sure no one would want to kidnap THIS kid). Anyway, on the way out this lady had been watching me the whole time struggling with 2 kids and she offered to try and get Timmy unglued from the table. Well, she gave up pretty quick and I was secretly laughing and saying to myself see - I told you so!! Ah the joys of parenthood.


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