Thi is what I do on a sick day

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Ok, so I called in sick today. I am sneezing all the time and although I can’t really decide if this is a cold or allergies, I decided the parents probably wouldn’t care as I’m sneezing over their newborn. Anyway, so I’m not feelin too super hot, but enough hot to know Drew’s not going to be doing any major cleaning, so I might as well stay “caught-up.” Took Conner to school and then I came home and put Spencer in front of Sesame Street. I think I can go spray some weeds in the front yard with the new stuff I bought at Target. So, I spray a bit around the shed, and work my way to the front, waving to Spencer as I’m spraying the poison. And then I go to the back, and I figure I might as well spray it there and we just won’t go outside til’ this afternoon. So, I’m spraying away and then I think of the funny time that my friend Robin (I think it was Robin, please don’t shoot me if I’m wrong) told me they sprayed their yard with grass AND weed killer — I could NOT believe how DUMB someone would be to spray that on their YARD — and I was thinking how funny that was and I was just checking the label to see how smart I’d bee (because I DID think of that story yesterday as I was at Target and was just SURE that I’d gotten something that killed the weeds and kept the lawn) and WHAT DO I SEE ON THE BOTTLE! GRASS AND WEED KILLER. Are you SERIOUS? WHAT THE HECK? I’ve totally sprayed lawn killer all over my lawn that I obsess over watering. So, I go, check on Spencer (thank you creators of Sesame Street) and go water every square inch of my lawn. It’s all VERY watered now, and I am hoping it won’t kill it. The bottle said you could water it and it would not work… so I’m hoping that works. But, just another reminder to never think how dumb someone else is, becuase some day that someone else will probably be YOU!

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  1. says

    I am totally laughing here…I hope your lawn survives.
    We bought that grass killer to get rid of the last remnants of the grass that our lovely student housing will not allow us to water. it worked really well. So keep watering that lawn!!

  2. says

    uh-oh, that doesn’t bode well. Fingers crossed that you still have grass next week. p.s. we LOVE Sesame STreet here – otherwise I’d never be able to blog, lol.

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