Thursday, September 01, 2005

First Full Day

Ok, so today was Conner's first full day. Ok first off, WHAT DO YOU DO WITH AN 18 MONTH OLD?! Now, I realize that I was working a lot when Conner was this age I worked a lot, and perhaps sleep-walked through most of it... but all he wants is to be held or watch TV or play. These are not fun. Who's gonna go kick the ball with me? I suppose I'll adjust.
They are so small. Kindergarteners are small. I know, to you that may seem like a simple statment, but as I saw them all running back from lunch I was like, "THEY ARE SO TINY, and we expect them to learn skills?" Anyway, Conner already has skills, but he's still small. It's good to learn 'em young.
I have found a few kindred moms, which makes me feel happy. I always want to have friends wherever I go. Now, if only we can set-up some playdates...


  1. totally feeling's like i never knew Chloe. Because Bria has always been right there...demanding my time. It's really cool though,to spend so much time with her. You'll find stuff to do..I'm sure he'll be kicking that ball in no time.

  2. I'm sooooo in the same boat too now - home with an 18 month old all day long!Hard to keep those little ones entertained, isn't it? Thank goodness for naptime!


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