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Ok, I was never fond of Drew’s apartment. Boys are messy. It’s a fact, in fact — possibly to the point of disgusting. I go to Drew Conner for church on Sunday and I find a little puddle (yellow in color) on the floor. I was freaking out, what that it was SUnday morning and there’s NOTHING more that I love to do than clean-up a pee puddle in my sunday clothes. Anyway, we get home and I find-out he used a particular body part as a light saber and the liquid coming out of that body part was the LIGHT. Well, it’s just not something I thought of as a . I told him that if he wanted to keep that particular lights saber, he’d better point it in the toilet.
HOW DID MY LIFE GET LIKE THIS? My “guest” aka, “kids” bathroom is always stinky and I just don’t have the will to clean it EVERY day. I did, however clean it today, and I’m going to try and figure out ways to get it to be better. Maybe a plug-in… Hmm….

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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  1. says

    Okay, I am sorry, but I am laughing so hard at your expense that I have tears. That is really TOO funny.
    I hope that you will let me know your solutions, if you find them, because if I ever have a boy I will be running to you for advice.
    My nephew always forgets to open the toilet when he has to go. Naturally, this drives my SIL nutty…but this? This is hilarious.

  2. says

    Wow – I can totally sypathize with the toilet thing. Sharing a bathroom with 3 men is yucky! It never stays clean and pee ends up in the weirdest spots.

  3. shannon says

    What? You don’t clean your bathroom every day? I totally though I was the only one with stinky toilets and saber-wielding boys…

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