Sunday, September 04, 2005

Out of his little shell

Ok, so Spencer is a HILARIOUS little kid and frankly, either he wasn't until just now or I just haven' noticed. It's the little things he does, the way he mimics our speech, the way he puts his sippy cup down and tries to sit on it like it's a chair. The way he cries whenever I'm not carrying him (ok, not so funny... but it's amusing that he thinks he's so sly to manipulate me at 18 months old). Spencer, you're ana amazing kid and now that you're the star of our home from 8-12:30, I hope I notice it more.


  1. You know, Chloe is just now going through that phase...the crying if I'm not holding her. It is reallly starting to bug.
    What a cute boy you have there :)

  2. I've been trying to spend more "one on one" time with my kiddos too...really is amazing how much you miss of their individual personalities when they are in gorups. Spencer sounds like a riot!


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