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HEY… blogger looks normal. Wonder if my filter’s not working…
Anywho… mommy’s leaving me (insert funeral march). Thankfully, these are like the worst 2 weeks ever for marching band yucca and hopefully I’ll see Drew for moer than 3 minutes today (and let’s all hope neither of us are grumpy).
Today’s flu shot today. With Drew dealing with 400 kids all day and me at the hospital I think it’s best that we’re all protected. Mr. Conner isn’t too sure of my sage wisdom at this time. Prior to leaving him at school he was NOT getting one (shocker). Now, here’s the real question though — he walks aroudn the house with his shirt up over his head running his head into whatever and falling down (or up) our 1 stair… and he’s afraid of a shot? Go figure.
Last night we had a “pornography” lesson for family home evening. I wasn’t really feeling the love for this lesson. Didn’t have much to say initially. I printed out some paper dolls and we took their clothes off and told what parts we don’t touch or show to others. It was too funny. I had Conner show me where the privates were on the little boy doll and he showed me on the front, and then he turned the little picture over and pointed to the back. I’d highly recommend this lesson to all my friends out there with little kids though. Just letting him know to tell me if something happens, even if they say not to. I don’t really remember my parents having this talk with me — mostly having it at school. I’m glad we did it, even if it was intimidating (and obviously we brought the topic down a couple notches for our little family) at first.
On an even lighter note, we had some high school kid who wanted to raise money so he could stay in the dorms at San Jose State (hello, a JOB would help?!). Drew couldn’t get him to go (and apparently doesn’t have the fortitude to just shut the door) so I yelled that we were having a FAMILY LESSON ON “pornography” (I have to type it in quotes in order to get it to show-up with my filter on — guess the filter’s working) and if he’d like to stay he’d be more than welcome. That basically ended that unwelcome visit.
So, I’m off to take mumzy to the airport soon. Feel free to leave condolences…

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    I love how you got rid of that kid, lol. And that sounds like it was a good FHE lesson – I’ll have to try the paper doll lesson myself – such an important subject these days so the more lessons on it the better.

  2. says

    :( on your mama leaving…that was always such a hard thing for me when she wold come visit me in CA :(

    BUT, I’m LMBO at your comment to that kid!

  3. says

    Wow they cover EVERYTHING in that family home meeting lessons huh? Too funny that you scared that kid away. Hope your Mom had a good time

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