Sunday, November 20, 2005


I was reading my friend, Allison's blog, and she was talking about going home for Thanksgiving and now I'm just sad. We truly do try and maintain the relationships with our parents but somehow it's turned more into them visiting us. After our disastrous "visit" last year at Christmastime (our flight was cancelled, and then the next day delayed and all of our PRESENTS were in Utah and basically it was very stressful) we are homebodies for the holidays.
I will be working Thanksgiving, and I am grateful that Drew's friend (mine too, I suppose), Katie had invited us to her house for a late Thanksgiving. Friends sometimes can take the place of family, and at least make you feel cozy inside.
I know that my parents wished we were with them (and most likely, Drew's wishes we were at their's) but the circle of life goes on, and I am excited to build traditions with my 3 boys (Drew, at times a man). I just hope they don't involve crashing cars into the tree..


  1. I'm a homebody for the holidays too, Hilary. It's just not the same going someplace else. I am so sad that you're working on Thanksgiving! Can't people just hold off on having their babies till after dinner?? Thanks for being willing to sacrifice for others. Teachers and medical professionals, MHO, deserve the highest pay in the workforce!


  2. this is the first year that we are all by our lonesomes on Thanksgiving AND Christmas.
    I'm actually is too stressful to me to drive or fly to Utah and I feel like I am not productive when we stay for several weeks (which we CAN because of Joel's school break).
    I invited the girl I carpool to Kindergarten with over for dessert on Thanksgiving day, and hopefully that will be fun, because they were THE only other people I knew that aren't doing something with extended family. Besides you...wanna come over? ;)


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