What Can We Learn from the Nativity

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We had a visiting teaching conference yesterday at church (visiting teaching is where I am assigned 4 ladies in our ward along with another woman to help me out and we go out and visit those women, make sure they’re taken care of, be their friend). It was really great and it was applying the nativity to visiting teaching, but I’m going to expand the idea on my blog. I love nativities, espeically ones that aren’t breakable and that my kids can see…
Today I am going to do the animals. I love that there are animals in the nativity, not only because it makes it more playable, but it reminds me that everyone could tell that this particular baby was something special. I think that often children and animals are more sensitives to the more tender things in life. I think that I need to be more childlike in this manner and truly leave myself open for promptings from Heavenly Father — help a friend, help someone who’s not my friend, be a better mother. The reminder of what is truly important is always a good one.

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    I love the nativity so much. It’s a great way to teach kids about the true meaning of Christmas. Last year I knocked one of my nice camels on the floor and broke his legs and then I had to cry for a long time. Seriously – that’s how much I love my nativity, THE nativity, all nativities.

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    I love nativities too – there is a nativity collection at a ward in Mt View that showcases 100s of nativities (it ends tomorrow though). Email me if you want details but you probably already know about it being Mormon and all! :-)

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