Lehi’s Dream

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To those of my readers who are not LDS — this is a diorama from a dream had by a prophet in the Book of Mormon. You’ll notice that Winnie the Pooh and his playmobile friends are holding to a fence (aka, rod of iron) which here, represents the Word of God — and if they hold to the fence they will make it to the tree which is the atonement and eat of the tree’s fruit which is the blessings of the atonement. Behind them you’ll see a rushing tin-foil river (representing Hell) and then a “great and spacious building” representing people who are prideful and are mocking the people who are holding to the rod and making good decisions. Conner made this tonight for Family Home Evening. The Yuens came over, and they were noteably impressed with his skills. He did a great job with his family home evening, and to celebrate we had fruit and chocolate. Mucho yummy. Thanks for a great FHE Conner.

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  1. says

    This is like some over the top thing Brandon would tease me about. I was just looking at conner smiling in this picture and it’s like dejavu. I wonder if he ever gets tired of the camera. Have you ever made a scrap page of #1 you scrapbooking and #2 your face behind a camera. I know your hesitant to do yourself and all but I mean their prevelant memories for sure right?

  2. CathyB. says

    I came across your Blog from 2 Peas, I think? Anyway, I LOVE this photo and this very creative FHE lesson. Love Chapter 8, Lehi’s Dream :) Thanks for sharing.

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