It’s All About Spencer

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Although there will be a blog about my successful cake venture (although, frankly it probably won’t be a true sucess til’ I put the cover on, and I’m still letting the icing dry for a bit before I do that) I would like to have a blog entry dedicated to Spencer. Today, he is 2 years old (deep sigh). Seriously can’t believe it has been 2 years since that sweet little boy came into our lives. He is most definately a great addition to our family. He is a great dancer, he is very funny (or, at least he and Conner think so), he is an excellent builder (legos being his choice of materials), he tolerates most things his older brother likes to inflict on him, but is definatley starting to be his own man — learning to stand-up for his rights (mostly with screaming). Happy Birthday Spencer — this cake’s for you, please take a VERY long nap.

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    Happy Birthday, Spencer! I LOVE the ONE-derful Layout! TOO CUTE! I have to tell you, Hilary, that I seriously KNEW that you would have a Lassie comment on my blog when you read that! There are certain things that you just “expect”! LOL

    Have a great day!!!

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