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Ok, so this week is totally stinkin’ it up. I’m feeling VERY single-parenty, and the kids are not behaving. Spencer is feeling the full power of his two-year-old-ness (grr….). The week is not going well. Tonight as I was setting the dishwasher I realized that we have the author’s visit tomorrow at school, which will be me dragging Spencer to ANOTHER event that he is not that excited to be at. Period. Yuck.
And then I realized what else I experienced today. My friend had a baby, and I was lucky enough to come and assist (she had it at the hospital where I work, so I was trying to work some perks for them). As I was driving home I realized that the worst part of her life has just begun… and I think back to that nasty post-partum period. And then I think of all the sweetness that has come of it.
Children are such a tug-of-war of emotions. One minute you want to kill them and the next you’re showering them with kisses. One minute they’re sweet and the next they’re screaming NO!!!! But, when you sit back and look at the whole picture (probably using your hand to block-out those first couple of months) their sweetness is beyond compare.
Author event, or not.

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  1. Sophia says

    Maybe my mother would take over for a few days! You’re cracking me up with the CHA picture comments. I do feel terrible that I didn’t take any pix of PEOPLE but I figured all the product stuff would be up at the sites in no time. Man, I should have posed with Elvis for ya!

    Hope today is a better day!

  2. says

    so true! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Right now especially when I have a girl in the terrible twos at the moment (and not even two yet!).

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