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Last night we had a nice little family home evening. I had a book that told the story of the original St. Valentine and how he’d taken cards to children on their birthday or when they were sick, and later when he died — people would bring cards out on Feb. 14th to reminice the great life St. Valentine had lived. I asked Conner who he thought St. Valentine seemed a lot like, and he said Jesus.
I asked us all to think of a time when we felt love. Of course, Conner said that he feels love when he’s around Grandma Pope — and all the games she plays with him (basically, he’s in love with my mom — I’m pretty sure he’d send her a dozen roses if his allowance was big enough).
I just wanted to give thanks for all the holidays that remind us to love. Today was Conner’s Valentine’s party, they had addressed and stuffed all the valentines in class so there wasn’t much candy (we were told to bring-in a box of valentines about a week ago) and it was just nice to see the kids open the cards and just appreciate each person for the sweet card (instead of the sweet item INSIDE the card). Mrs. Ross is so smart.

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    I think holidays that remind us to love are awesome too and think people complaining about the commercial side is silly because the fact that we’re celebrating LOVE is fabulousa!

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