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Is that really the name of the show — you know, with Julia Roberts, and that other lady who’s dying? Anyway, yesterday during some of my fevered languishing, that movie was on TBS. I’m not sure if it was the sinus pressure or what, but I had a nice cry about it. I love it when Julia’s taking the pictures with the kids and their mom. I love it when they talk about how their mom knows every bump, every scar, every story.
I started to wax poetic in my bed. I’ve been reading Mommy Wars this past week (book report to come soon). Many of the women in there seem to minimize what it’s like to be with your kids 24/7 and really be the stay at home mom. Although, many wouldn’t consider myself to be a SAHM, I kind of group myself with them. Anyway, after watching that movie and reading my book I realized how imporatnt a mom is. Sometimes when you’re fighting in the trenches you don’t get the big picture. You don’t realize how in love with you your littles are. You don’t realize that while youre life revolves around them, their life revolves around you (although I can slowly see that changing with Conner).
Anyway, today even though i can hardly take another whine eminated in my direction (Spencer’s sick too) I need to realize how important my little job is (the unpaid one) and relish in the fact that I try my hardest.
And now, back to the couch.

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    Amen, sistah! I love how I feel when I just take the time to really be with my kids. It is so much fun, and I wonder why I don’t do it more often.

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    I love that movie! I love my kids, even though I don’t take as much time to play with them as I know I should, and they drive me crazy a lot…I still love them!!

    Thanks for you great thoughts!

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