Thursday, April 27, 2006

I've been tagged

And, it wasn't fag tag... fyi My SIL Laural tagged me.
I AM: one big headache.
I WANT: long, long naps.
I WISH: There would be continual love at our house
I HATE: smokers... amen (ok, I hate the act, not the people...)
I MISS: My kids being babies... not newborns (mind you) but -- that 4-6 month stage that just ROCKS)
I FEAR: fire, snakes (wrote snacks first, I should probably fear snacks more)
I HEAR: Conner turning his pants into shorts
I WONDER: How Noah got all those animals in the ark. :)
I REGRET: Not serving my friends more. I think I'm too selfish.
I AM NOT: awake
I DANCE: umm.... I'm gonna take a pass on this one.
I SING: like a rockstar. Did I mention I was the music sterling scholar at Timpview High School my senior year? Ok, the ALTERNATE... but it's still an accomplishment.
I CRY: for losses... mostly babies.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: this whiney
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: scrapbook pages (of course) and dinner, sometimes other meals too. :)
I WRITE: let me just take this opportunity to plug the upcoming SB Etc baby special edition... I write in there (but, frankly -- not that much)
I CONFUSE: the medications needed for ACLS
I NEED: a larger freezer (ok, I don't -- just feeling like that right now)
I SHOULD: put my stuff in the freezer (Taking a break from unloading groceries)
I START: putting away groceries -- and then I get distracted.
I FINISH: most everything -- obsessed about that. Can't leave a scrapbook page undone
I TAG: Laura Neves... she needs to write a new blog


  1. what a cool tag!

  2. Thanks for indulging me on the tag! I loved your answers!


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