Our Visit to the Big Basin Redwoods

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Taking a cue from my friend Brittany we decided to go down towards Santa Cruz to the Big Basin redwoods. For those of you thinking we do all this fun stuff all the time, we had spring break this week. We had a LOT of fun in the state park. They had a great museum for kids, with snakes in jars, and a magnifying glass to look at bugs on pins. We went on their little nature trail. They had a little guide and Conner could read the guide at all the points of interest. One woman on the trail even commented on what a good reader Conner was (however, he wasn’t quite as polite and wouldn’t say thank you). We are glad we went after a few days of “dry-ness” because I’m sure it was a mud-fest on Monday. Spencer was a good little hiker, with only wanting to be on Dad’s shoulders the last little bit. We can’t wait for the summer when we’re in Utah and Idaho and can go explore more.
Yesterday, we went Bowling moved some friends and then Hilary went to work for 4 hours and earned the big bucks (to pay for the dental and vision bills we racked-up on this little spring “break” of ours). Today it’s off to the temple and hopefully that’ll put the big finish on what has been a really great break!

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    We did that little trip with Dallin when we lived there! Made an awfully nice scrapbook layout, as well! Brings back memories of an easy life with only ONE child!!! Glad to hear you’ve had such a great week together.

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