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Ok, I come to you on humbled legs this morning with my blog entry about FHE. I read President Monson’s Talk “True to the Faith” for this weeks Family Home Evening. It has a great analogy in it about how people in Tonga would use these maka-feke to lure octopusses and catch them. He used this as analogy of how satan tempts us to do the right thing — he makes it look good, and cool and then too late we realize it’s not and we’re already trapped. I immediately came-up with our own fishing game and I made a “lure” (a magnetic wand with bright pieces of felt tied on and some alluminum foil for good measure) and a bunch of fish with temptations we might have written on them. I thought I was so snappy, and smart.
Turns out my kids like fishing a lot more than they like talking about bad decisions we can make. And I was frustrated because I thought it was pretty-much the best FHE ever and no one was interacting about the words ON the fish (pretty much everyone just wanted to fish).
Anyway, I think a little point got across, but I was the one who REALLY got the point. FHE is about instilling small nuggets of truth in these two boys. If they realized that doing drugs or smoking might look cool, but would trap you in a world of hurt, that FHE did its job.
Anyway, that’s our FHE… it was actually pretty fun for the kids, and not that hard to do.

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    It’s pretty amazing what the kids actually get out of FHE…even when it seems like they’re hanging off the walls and not listening to a word you’re saying. I’m often surprised at the smart answers they give when I think they haven’t been listening.

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    It still sounds totally creative and fun. I bet they heard something and months down the road, someone at church will come to you and tell you what one of the boys said to them and it will pertain to what you taught them in FHE last night. At least, that’s what happens with my kids.

    Good luck!

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    I think it sounds like an awesome FHE. But don’t feel bad they got distracted. My husband probably would dig the fishing thing tons too and get distracted.

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