Friday, June 16, 2006

Last Day...

Ok, peeps, I'm an emotional wreck. I am WAY too much in love with Conner's teacher... and here's the sad news... TODAY IS HIS LAST DAY IN MRS. ROSS'S CLASS!!!!! So, here you'll see the little card we made, including a little (and I do mean little) gift card to Barnes and Noble.
I know I'm no good at change.
I know I don't like uncertainty (aka, who in the WORLD is going to be his teacher next year... they can never measure-up).
I know I hate both of those double because it involves my child, for whom I am responsible for.
Anyway, does anyone feel this way? I remember feeling it last year at the pre-K graduation, and I can see how smashing this year turned out.
Anyway, I just know I'm grateful he was in Mrs. Ross's class and had such a great experience. And through gritted teeth, I say "I am excited for what next year holds."

1 comment:

  1. At least you know where he'll be attending school. :)

    LOVE that card!


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