Thursday, August 10, 2006

Potty Training in Less then a Day -- Day 1

While many of my friends are having babies, I'm potty training... thought I'd give a day by day view of how things are going... so those friends, in 2-3 years can read my blog and feel better about their lives.
So, my friend Miranda gave me this book. It kind of goes along the same lines I did with Conner. Frequent liquids, to command frequent attempts, rewards instead of screaming... stuff like that.
So, the day starts out and we taught a wetting dolly how to use the potty, with heaps of praise and a jelly bean or two (which, Spencer was able to eat once we learned the dolly didn't have a mouth, and after the fact that he also had dry pants). Oh, we put on training pants (the fabric kind -- no pull-ups until sleep for us) prior to all this fun. Then, the dolly has an accident, and we go through the accident procedures with her. These include practicing (you go from on room and then run to the potty, pants down, sit, pants up and then on to the next room) 10 times (Spencer doesn't like this) and then making sure they know the difference between dry and wet pants. Then, it was Spencer's turn. I think he went on our 3rd attempt, and actually did pretty well with like 3 pees with no accidents. And then came the accident, he cried the entire time we were doing the practice (you do the practice in the wet pants -- I think it helps solidify in their minds that they do NOT want wet pants). He was relieved to get new pants on. So, we did that all morning -- with, 4 accidents and about 7 sucessful attempts. We put a pull-up on for naps and then he had 2 accidents after naps and 2 sucesses.
I'm not sure that he knows when to go on his own. I seem to be prompting a lot this evening, but I think since I wasn't jucing him up during naps he didn't have any to give. I am hoping tomorrow to just set my timer for every 15 minutes, do a wet/dry pants check and hopefully that'll be his reminder to go to the potty if needs be.
Anyway, that's what happened today. I am now going to veg on the couch. Drew is entirely in charge of housework today (his last day before he starts school). He also took Conner for some fun this morning so Spencer and I could be alone. Oh, and I had to turn my phone off this AM, so if you called -- that's why...


  1. Sounds like things went well for the first day. If things keep going well, hopefully you will be done over the weekend. Good luck and stick to it.

  2. Isn't that child abuse? Making your kid sit in his wet soaked pants? I'm totally kidding! Hey, whatever it takes to not have to change any more diapers. It's fine by me. Your method sounds super. I might call u in 3 years for advice.

  3. Oh, and don't forget about the movie tomarrow. It is going to be the best movie your eyes have ever witnessed!

  4. Good luck with the potty training! You are a braver woman than me. We gave up after a day of 6 accidents about a month ago and I'm too chicken to start again.


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