Friday, August 04, 2006


I am fairly sure I could entitle every single blog entry with this... but it seems so effective for my thoughts today.
Yesterday, I was at work. We had a fetal demise, but the twin of the baby was still alive, but fighting for her little life. It's amazing how the mom's priorities changed from being uncomfortable and tired, to sad and hopeful... just with one little change.
I also had a patient who was umm.... well, where the baby was going to exit was apparently a very important area to her. She had some jewlery, and had some real concerns about what the baby would do to that area (she wasn't breastfeeding, so-as to protect the other areas).
I had a friend at work, who I have always liked. She is investigating the church. She is feeling pressured by the missionaries -- but her priorities really are in the right place. Her priority isn't to be baptized into something she's not sure about... and their priority is to increase their numbers. It was truly a special experience to talk to her about my thoughts on the gospel. I understand why missionaries are so zealous. I love the gospel too, and I want to share it with everyone I know -- I just think that readiness is also a huge factor... in fact, I would call it a priority.
Anyway, it's a bit of a babble... but I just wanted to share some thoughts I had.
I worked yesterday, today, and word on the street -- I'm workin' tomorrow. I am SO ready to play mommy again.

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  1. Priorities are good. Right now, I have too many things that need to be on the top of the list and I think I might go crazy. :)


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