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In my time at O’COnnor hospital (which is just coming up on its 2 year mark) I have had 4 managers, well — 2 official ones and 2 other stepping-in managers. Yes, we are an unruly bunch of Labor and delivery nurses, but a nice bunch as well.
Yesterday I had my first actual evaluation since working there. First off, my manager is amazing! She’s just so business like, but so totally caring. Honestly, the best person I’ve ever worked for. Period. I always want to do better after talking to her.
So, I felt a bit of trepidation going into the meeting. I felt like I haven’t particualrly done anyhting with my life in the 2 years since I started at this hospital. I don’t attned a lot of professional meetings, I don’t work full time so I’m not on any comitees, etc. Anyway — I was worried that she might dig into me, because I don’t work full time anywhere.
But, instead she just looked me in the eye and told me how lucky my kids are, and how they will cherish this time that they have me at home forever. She said the exact words that always run through my mind. I will have plenty of time to work once they’re in school or gone, but I will never have a 2 year old Spencer to play legos with all day long, again.
I just left the meeting being so grateful that I am in a profession that values women, mothers, and our contribution to life is just as great at home or at work. I have evaluated my life, and decided I am one lucky gal.

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    Sure makes it easier to work in a supportive environment. When I was working at H&R Block there was this other girl that really looked down on me because I had my degree and wasn’t out making big money fulltime. Not only will your kids cherish it but so will us moms. And we’ll have all these fond
    memories of being poor!

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    I totally agree. It’s nice to know that you have your priorities in line, and so does she. Great article in this month’s Reader’s digest about a female CEO somewhere who has family first as a motto for all her employees.

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