Weekend Update

Just wanted to update my peeps on a few things:
Potty Training O M G… we’re doing AWFUL this week. I don’t think once he’s initiated his own potty event without me going in there with him. WE usually wet about 3 times a day, and always at night. Part of me wants to put the pull-ups back on. But, he was doing it before, I don’t know what the deal is. Anyone have thoughts on this? Do you think I should go back to pull-ups? I have another package in the garage I was reserving for emergencies.
Costumes I was working on Conner’s karate robe last night. I’m actually pretty proud of how it’s all working out. I did the neckband last night, which I knew was going to be the hardest part. We’re talking interfacing, and the whole sha-meil. But, I made it through and it looks pretty decent. I was working on it last night during project runway. Let’s just say I’m probably as good as some of the people on there. :)
Slow-robics Let’s just say I’m sore today. Really, really sore.
The View Rosie is still thinking it’s her own show. Anyone thing that’s ever going to change?
I doubt it.

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