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I am starting a weight loss journal. I am hoping that be evaluating some stuff every week, in writing perhaps i’ll be more apt to lose weight. I am also adding measuring myself and just some accountability as far as my goals go.
I think that self-evaluation is a powerful tool. There are so many times in my life where I feel like I need my own input but I’m not sure how to get it. Then, there are other times where it is blatant that there are things I need to stop doing. Yesterday felt like one of those days — doing things to myself that certainly weren’t helping my life along. Glad to recognize them.
I heard that Rosie (I would only hear it because I no longer watch the View, courtesy of our plump little friend) said that we shouldn’t make fun of other people. Woah, so SHE just said we shouldn’t make fun of other people. I guess she was mad about something Simon said on American Idol. I am guessing she thought the guy was gay. Has anyone NOT seen the clip of when she flips her hair and makes fun of Trump’s looks?
Currently, what i have learned from Rosie is that all weird people who dress as though they were from the bush, or touch people inappropriately are gay.
Good info Rosie, thanks.

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    I was listening to her saying that this morning on the view and thought the same thing. How can she condemn them for making fun of those kids, when she does the same thing to others. She tends to be hypocritical on a lot of things.

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    Good Luck with your weight loss goals! This year I started a new blog that only i know the address to and I write down all my weight loss happenings there so I feel some accountablility. I’ve already lost 5 pounds so I think it’s working! If you’d like to see it you can e-mail me sometime and I’ll let you know the address. I found it to be very helpful to keep me on track!

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    I’ve been thinking about blogging on fitness progress too, just so I have to be accountable to someone, since I’m obviously not doing the trick on my own!

    Sometimes Rosie is funny, but most of the time I think she is just on her soapbox trying to make everyone else feel bad for nothing, so she can feel better about herself. It’s sad, actually!

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    Are you forgetting Rosie’s totally ridiculous and racist “impression” of Chinese people? She has problems. She is so negative and mean and sooooooooo bitter! And I agree with Laura.. occasionally funny and sometimes up to productive things (anyone see the show on foster care?) Unfortunately, the Jekyl outweighs the Hyde and I find her unbearable most of the time.

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