Taking Down Christmas

Christmas is all down. I was sad taking down all our decorations, especially because when I put them up I was thinking of all the excitement we’d have with my parents here. But {sigh} life has other plans for us.
However, I never reviewed our Christmas festivity on my blog, so I thought I’d do that now. I didn’t take many pictures, mostly on purpose. I hate doing Christmas scrapbook pages, but I did take a few of the tree, so hopefully I can just journal about our fun day on that.
Spencer had a delightful Christmas. He ripped into presents with abandon and delighted in everything he received. Being 2 or 3 is probably the best Christmas age ever. They’re so believing and excited. Oh, if we could just bottle-up that kind of excitement, I think I would take a little sniff of it each day. Big presents included the Shake and Go raceway (which both boys love), new legos and puzzles. Oh, and of course a giant and noisy truck from my parents (shocking but true).
Conner is verging into the sphere of “how do we know there’s a Santa” however my response is, “if you don’t believe, he doesn’t come for you.” So, he’s a believer. He got a digital camera (I’m hoping to post a few of his photos — there are 100’s each day — on the blog), more legos, and some star wars transformers.
Drew got a new MP3 player, this one with a lifetime warranty so when he drops it, he can rest assured that all will be well. :)
Hilary got an electric blanket and some new kitchen-ware. After almost 10 years of marriage, we are in desperate need.
We all got a lovely new tiny digital camera from my parents. I am very excited not to have to haul the rebel to school and other functions. The Elph now resides in the diaper bag. I’m so happy to say.
The music I put up today will stay for January. It’s from Sesame Street, and I love the lyrics. It is most definitely one of my favorite christmas songs ever. Think of this Christmas day, when Christmas is far away….

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    Wanna come take mine down now? I’m dreading it. First I have to put all the new Christmas goodies away…hopefully both tasks will get done tomorrow.

  2. says

    I love reading all your blog entries – you are so fun! We are a little delayed on taking down Christmas here but I have finally finished it all!
    p.s. keep us posted on the Elph – it sounds so cool and I’d love to hear your reviews on it.

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