Weekend Update

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Welcome to Monday, I thought I’d update some things:
Flatware: I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS. I like the mirror finish. I’m thinking our last silverware initially had this kind of finish, but I am loving it. I highly recommend it to all my Costco friends out there.
Working-out: Spencer hit his lip on a bin right before bed last night, he bled a LOT, but went right to sleep. He woke-up in the middle of the night and threw-up, I’m guessing because of all the blood, but oddly enough I didn’t set my alarm so I didn’t get-up to workout. Honestly, it’s probably good, we were up for a while… {sigh}… perhaps I can go walking later on…. My weight was a personal high since I started last week. Really not feeling the joy from the whole work-out thing, but I am carrying on.
Christmas: I got Spencer the game “boggle Jr. ” for Christmas. It’s amazing, he’s spelling out words with just a little help. This is a great game for the preschool sector. I think it was under 10 dollars at Walmart.
Happy week peeps.

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    WHat is up with us and our life disasters, Last night right before bed, Sid smack her head hard on the corner of the bookshelf, luckily it did not split and there was no blood just a huge black eye and swollen eyebrow. We must call eachother when the next disaster happens in hope of preventing the other from occuring.

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