Sunday, March 18, 2007


It is seriously not coincidental.
Mid 2001: Drew is gone at some overnight thing for school. I find a mouse in the garage. For the rest of the year, whenever I see said mouse (or rat). Drew isn't home. He also finds it amusing that I am SO freaked out by it (I also make him do the laundry for the rest of the week).
Yesterday: Tree-trimmers find a possum's nest in our tree and for SOME strange reason they felt the need to take me out and SHOW it to me.
It's huge, it has a FREAKING long tail.
OMG, I wanted to die.
So, I call my dad. He tells me to show what i'm made of and go out and take a picture of the possum so I can put it on the blog. I gathered my britches and went out, but thankfully the tree trimmers had scared it off. Of course, that doesn't changed the fact that he has a NEST in our TREE and it's full of BABIES. EWWWWWW...
Drew also finds this whole situation amusing.
BTW, I called animal control, and they said that even if they were to trap him, they'd just release him in our same neighborhood. They also said that chances are there are a lot of Possums in our neighborhood, I just never see them. They also reassured me that they are completely harmless to myself and my children.
Frankly, I don't feel any better.
New plan: Drew never leaves, and I we never have to have anything furry in/near our house.
Sounds good eh?


  1. ya, super gross! ick.

    If it makes you feel better I accidentally ate a spider today. Didn't swallow... pulled it and it's legs out of my my mouth. Still have the heebie geebies about that one.

    Hope the possum's move far far away!

  2. least you know if you find it dead, it may be faking it, thanks to "Over the Hedge."

    Kind of yucky...okay, REALLY yucky.

    Never let Drew out of your sight again.

  3. Hey, where's the pics then? I'd love to see them (not in real life myself though).

  4. Our little Opossum may have become roadkill as I saw one in the road a few weeks ago. Come on now they are just a little bit cute. At least those babies have to be.


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