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Alright, hopefully you — my friends, have seen the last of Spencer sucking his thumb. I said I’d stop at 3, but now he’s well over 3.5 and it’s time to stop.
So, last night I was looking on the Internet for some ways to get them to stop. We tried the vinegar, but he’d just suck it off and keep going, so I also saw you could go to the store, get them some special band aids and try that.
SO, this morning Spencer and I had a talk about how germs make us sick and how he’d have to miss-out on fun stuff if he was sick and we both decided it was best he stop (mostly me, but you get the picture). So, we put on a spider man band aid this AM, and went to the store for him to pick out some of those tattoo band aids (have you seen those, they stay on REALLY well, but they were kinda expensive — worth it if it works). So, every night he’ll get to pick a new one until they’re all gone and then hopefully we’ll be done with the whole sucking thing.
Because my friends, pacifiers can be thrown away, but thumbs are somewhat useful things… as Spencer once told me “everyone has thumbs, we NEED our thumbs.”
Dry ones are best. :)

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    What a cleaver idea. Hope you made the GERM thing sound really gross, but some how we do survive with so many around-it’s a wonder sometimes, but if it kind of freaks him out why not…

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