Saturday, September 08, 2007

I'm Baaaaack...

I seriously think it was the 45 minutes I spent at a work party last night. Acting like a normal person, drinking my sparkling lemonade (I sadly eyed the margarita next to mine with a little covetousness... sometimes I realize why moms turn into lushes... but never fear gals, I was strong). I'm an all-new woman today.
Was it not working for a bit that turned me into a grumpy bear?
Do I NEED that fix in my life to really function well.
When I don't work I don't get much time with out children... even now that I'm starting that little preschool I'll spend the free time from that at school with Conner's class, which I feel really strongly about... but still...
So, ladies, what do you do, at home, to get your fix of normalness? I don't think I'm using my evenings to my benefit as of late. I haven't been scrapbooking but I have sewing calling my name (have I mentioned we've picked our halloween costumes already?)... I bet working on that would at least give me some feeling of accomplishment.
Anyway, back to regular life today. I have a photo session this morning (prices are a changin' peeps), then it's our first soccer game of the season and then WE HAVE A SITTER TONIGHT. I haven't see my husband since... well, probably Wednesday. I saw him for about 5 minutes just now.
It was nice.
And then he left. At 7 am. On a Saturday.


  1. Glad you're feeling better.

    I SERIOUSLY need my creative fix. Whether it's teaching lessons, scrapbooking (alone) or doing photography or whatever...I need it. I'm a better mother for it.

    I just have to learn how to balance it all. :)

  2. Um, I'd say it was the husband gone so much that was causing the grumpy bear would for me anyway! Glad you're feeling more like yourself!:)

  3. Oh, and I've found that my running has given me that sense of normalcy...makes me feel like I'm doing something that has NOTHING to do with the's just for me. I have to get up early to do it, but it makes me a better mom when I do. Nothing like THAT sense of accomplishment either...I'm running 30 minutes straight! Woo-hoo!

  4. Glad you're back and feeling a bit better!!

  5. I had a breakdown a while ago because I relized that I wasn't using my brain. It takes only so many neurons to fold laundry. I started doing family history, making cards, and Andy bought me a piano. That was awesome.


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