Thursday, January 03, 2008


Just read my friend Shannon's blog. She has all these lofty goals. And I usually try and make my own goals -- but honestly, my life's going fairly well. I mean, I had some minor snafus over Christmas Break as far as working out and calorie counting and all that jazz. But, I do have a few things:
1. One on One time with each kid each week. So, last week I took each one with me to the store. We chat while they're in the car, etc. Nothing big -- at all -- just some simple time with just us. I think it could be huge. Could be.
2. Drew and I need to communicate better. Sometimes I wash the amazing race and I get a little nauseated thinking how we would respond in similar situations. SO, we're gonna take the marriage relations class. After 10 years, even the finest machines can use a little tuning, right? Plus, my thoughts that Drew should basically be a mind reader aren't helping anything, if you know what I mean (and I know you do).
3. Organize one room a month. Just really get into the nitty-gritties... find things that could help organize it better. This month's the kitchen. I want to find some nice drawer inserts that can help me giant gadget drawer out a bit, and make my life more livable. Our kitchen is pretty dang small, but when it's more organized and stuff isn't falling on me I find myself to be a happier human. ;) I do clean one room each day of the week, which will continue. But I think it will be nice to focus on the kitchen all month -- maybe look for some organizing tips, etc. The Organized Junkie blog is also doing the kitchen this month on their blog (coincidence, I think not).

I went to Mervyn's today. They're having a SWEET sale. 70% off clearance. Got Drew and Conner outfitted for the winter (well, C was already outfitted, these will be for next year). Go me. Saved lots of moola. :) And of course, I'm always resolute in that.


  1. Congratualations on saving big bucks on future clothing for your boys! That always makes me happy!

    I'm with you on the organizing one room at a time.

    I need to spend more one-on-one time with my girls, too. I've been reading The Birth Order Book by Dr. Kevin Leman, and it helped me realize how important this is.

    Those are some great goals, Hilary!

  2. Great Goals, Hil! I like the one room/month idea...might steal it! We've tried to have "dates", as we call them, with the boys and it does make a lot of difference.

  3. Great goals, indeed! Joel and I have set a bajillion as a couple and a family, but I still need to fine tune my personal ones. Still thinking about it.


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