Thursday, February 14, 2008


FINALLY, a new profile picture. The other one had been on blogger forEVER -- and while it was very cool and dramatic, I had Drew shoot a couple of me while I was doing Spencer's 4 year old photo session the other day. I'm pretty much hot. Do you like this one better then the one I picked? Feel free to mention how delightful my skin looks in these. I won't hold it against you (your comments, or my skin).


  1. You look beautiful! Bow-chicka-bow-bow! And seriously, I have always said that you have the best skin ever.

  2. Love the one you picked. Totally gorgeous. :) I should update mine, but I dont' think Joel can do as good a job as Drew did.

    Also, love the new banner. I need that font...let me know what it is, K?

  3. I like the one you picked too!

    Okay, Photo tutorial...I have read my manual, again and again, and I just can't get it quite right. The photos you took...what were your camera settings (I know the operator has a lot to do with the quality of the pictures...but just so I have a fighting chance...).

    apperature, etc. help me please!

  4. miranda7:00 PM

    Love the pictures, and I like the one you chose, you look beautiful. You do have fabulous skin too darn you... :)

  5. Great photo!

    Even more of a reason why you need to do our family's pictures!

  6. Wow! Great pics! You look amazing in that color, btw! I like the one you chose because it's more fun, but you look amazing in this one! Yes, yes, that darn PERFECT skin.... I'm coveting!

  7. yep you sure are HOT! I love your hair! man Id kill to have that skin and hair! ..wait did that sound creepy?

  8. Good picture. Thumbs up.


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