Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I've recently linked up with a few very old friends via facebook and me stalking them through the BYU alumni page.
Honestly, it's hard to remember who I was when I knew these people. I was a very different person as a freshman in college then I am today.
Or was I?
I was still very funny.
That's true. :)
I was much skinnier....
Sadly also true.
The funny question -- if I met them today would I still be friends with them?
Have you ever hooked-up with an old friend, only to realize that you have absolutely nothing in common anymore?
I must admit I have.
Thankfully most of my old friends also have kids so we can always talk about that.
I was then also thinking (my conditioner needs 3 minutes on in the shower -- I had some nice thinking time) about how we are given the friends that we need at certain times in our lives, and how lucky I have been. I was wondering if my kids will be given the same opportunities. I must admit that my main friend source in high school was band -- and my AP classes (loser, I'm fully aware). However, if you get your kids in band, you are almost assured of a good, healthy friend base for them. It's just like magic and it happens not only in Utah, but also Idaho and California -- we have proof. :)
Anyway, there's my ramble for the day. Conner's home sick today (yikes) so I'm the well one now administering to the needs of the ill.
Lucky, lucky me.
***ETA: I should say that music in general gives your kids a good friend base. I think band tends to give them a bit more of an edge, because those kids are together SO MUCH during marching band season (and then that feeling just continues all year long) but music in general is a great friend-starter.


  1. Let's not forget choirs and orchestra. :)

    And yes, some of my old friends that I've reconnected with on facebook...I dont' think we'd be friends if I met them today.

  2. Love the new blog digs, very springy.

  3. I think that much will depend on your kids' characteristics. I have had times in my life where I have a few, very close friends and times in my life where I've had a lot of friends where we hung out but didn't really share in the details of our lives. Friends for me, because I'm who I am, are like air. I couldn't survive without them.


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