Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Me being thing... day something-or-other

Alright, did anyone else watch the Mr Thin thing on Sunday? He talks about dealing with your emotional eating through tapping.
I am sorry to say this, but I think it may actually work. I am actually not a huge emotional eater. I don't first thing of the fridge when I'm upset, stressed, etc -- although if I'm actually EATING at the time, sometimes I overdo it (and sometimes I lose my appetite). Anyway, I am hoping that this technique (which involves tapping on your sinus, your collar bone, and 2 different places on your hands, and then moving your eyes) will help when I feel overwhelmed with my anxiety in general, even if it doesn't involve eating. So far, I haven't been over my head since last night -- but I'll report back when I am. Last night I was really craving something salty though, and I did his tapping sequence, and after -- it was gone. It was gone the rest of the night too. Interesting....
I'm back to my recent low (recent being when Conner was born -- that's the last time I weighed this little). It's really exciting for me, especially since I'm not feeling deprived, per se (although sometimes it's VERY difficult for me to box the food up, or throw it away -- but I'm learning to let that part of me go). I am also realizing that I'm stronger then I thought I was. Sometimes I wouldn't eat things, like chips and dip because I didn't want to "open that dam" for fear that it'd collapse and I'd eat more then I thought was appropriate. However, I'm opening all those things, and I'm stopping. I'm stopping once I've enjoyed a little bit, and I realize that if I'm hungry later on and I want more -- it will be there. I think that's one of the best part about me being all thin.
That and the fact that if I stay at this weight (and hopefully below it) for the next 7 days I am rewarding myself with 50$. What should a girl do with 50$?


  1. You go girl! I am nowhere close to my low from even after Chloe was born. I am getting closer though.

    I still think you should go for new clothes. The end.

  2. I sure wish I had that channel to watch that show. The tapping thing sounds interesting cause I'm an emotional eater too. Congrats on being at your low - that is so great!

  3. $50? Why, I'd buy someting nice for my good friend Denise.

    Or not.

    Something non-food related. A mani-pedi?

  4. Wowzers! What great stuff you're learning about yourself. Sometimes I think that the self reflection is the most powerful tool for change. Reaching your low is a great accomplishment, so congrats!

    $50 bucks??? A pedicure and a new sassy shirt!

  5. Good for you girlfriend! Of course you deserved a reward. I like that idea. Find something fun and springy!


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