Saturday, May 10, 2008

She won, she won!

My friend Lara won, thanks to EVERYONE who helped out and voted. This is big for them, really big.
Amazing what 1k can do (although, here in the land of millions it doesn't do quite as much as it could in good ol' UT -- but, I digress).

In other news, I hate to even mention that we've had "issues" in the baby area... This isn't something that we're struggling with per say. We (and by we, I mean I) struggle with not knowing what's in store for us. Baby times are a times I'd like to see in my rear view mirror about now... but that's not how it's happening. So we wait. I don't want to put my little troubles in the same pile as people who really really want and need a baby. My heart breaks for those people, and heavens knows I've got enough kiddos to keep me busy and happy.

In yet more other news, it's my favorite weekend of the YEAR! I play to laze around, pretend like I'm doing nothing and feel the joy of motherhood. This morning the boys are headed off to Lowe's to buy my present (seriously, it's a home improvement store, how sad is that -- but it was by my request). I said I was going to sit around at home and do nothing -- except clean the entire house and garage.
You know, ..... nothing. ;)


  1. Happy Mothers Day! I hope you get to REALLY do nothing, and not have to pay for it the next morning.

  2. Her picture really was the best one - I loved it!

    Thanks for the chat yesterday, I was just having one of those days and really appreciated having a good friend to talk to for a few minutes. I love you, man!

    Happy Mothers Day!


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