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Now, I can’t get my pie chart to convert into a jpeg — but this morning as I was balancing my checkbook (and yes, I do get up early every Saturday AM to balance my checkbook in peace before the fam kills me) I got to see a pie chart of all of our expenses… it was definately an eye-opener. I’m gonna give you the percents we spend on our top 10 items (for this year to date):

  1. Mortgage (shocking) 43.81% (gasp all you want — but it’s just part of living here)
  2. Tithing 10.81% (we pay 10% of our increase to the church, but this also includes money we give the church for humanitarian efforts, etc)
  3. Drew 9.08% (trombone — yes the trombone has taken almost as much money as tithing this year)
  4. Household expenses 6.48% (this is basically the costco trips plus house repairs/etc. — I must admit this is a bit of a dump category)
  5. Auto 5.82% (gas, insurance etc. — somehow this doesn’t include our car payment — or it’d be bigger)
  6. Utilities 4.40% (doesn’t include cell phone bills — but it is cable, heat, water — etc.)
  7. Groceries 3.51% (O.M.G — this was a HUGE shocker to me)
  8. Trip 3.28% (again, just a little less than my grocery cost — and this year had a LOT of trips — and was very fun)
  9. Going Out 1.8% (my vice — love the food this area has to offer)
  10. Clothing 1.24% (did anyone see my cute new 10$ jacket from Kohls).

Anyway — this was a big eye opener. I’m not sure how exact it all is — but I think it’s pretty close. I think it’s something you all should take a gander at — I hadn’t really ever taken a look at the pretty pie chart Quicken has to offer.

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  1. says

    Groceries is generally my second biggest expense. Weird. I don’t spend all that much on them, but I do spend more than 10%…especially since we barely make 2,500 a month….

  2. says

    Here are my tallies for comparison, taken since February to now. (Gotta love

    1. Home 33% (includes mortgage, insurance, repair, etc.)
    2. Travel 17% (Trips to Europe can do that to you)
    3. Auto 12% (includes car payment, gas, insurance, repair)
    4. Gifts 12% (includes tithing, fast offerings, birthday presents, etc.)
    5. Food 11% (includes groceries and going out to eat)
    6. Utilities 10% (satellite, internet, heat (!), electricity)

    Everything else was less than 1%

  3. says

    Are you shocked that grocery costs were so big, or so small? I’m shocked that yours are so small, although I do know how good you are at saving money on foodstuffs. . .

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