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In my head he’s “ready” — but then as we’re driving to school this AM. IS HE READY?

True, Spencer will have no difficulty with many of the skills. Holding a pencil, writing his name, he’s a little iffy on scissor skills (thanks to an older brother who cut our curtains), but I’m guessing some of the kids hold them wrong much of the time as well. You can only imagine how excited he is. ALWAYS longing to do what Conner does, Conner having gone to this same preschool. This. Is. Huge. He went in without a look back, except for the fact that his nametag was pinching his snake and I needed to move it. Sorry dude.

Perhaps I’m not ready. Perhaps I’m not ready to move on, to be a big mommy who does stuff alone for a whopping hour and forty minutes two times a week.

But, as I cleaned out the toys — able to throw away whatever I wanted without nary a complaint. I realized I was ready. I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time, and I should treasure it just as much as I do the time when he’s here — incessantly talking to me. Good luck to the teachers. May they be paid sufficiently. 😉

In other news, this is Spencer’s FIRST new outfit. it was the first time he tried on clothes (he had some awesome poses for the mirror), he was able to make his own choice on what items and colors to buy. It was literally amazing to watch him be SO excited for something that Conner has always drug his feet through. This isn’t to say that he’ll always be getting new outfits, but I believe that new clothes and the first day of school go hand in hand. Don’t worry — he’ll be wearing hand me downs next time. But for now, he is in LOVE with this outfit (and the new Elmo underwear he is sporting beneath it all).

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