Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It's Coming...

We knew it would come.
As sure as the sun.
Stalking us.
Breathing down our necks.
That's right, band.
At our school the 3rd graders are able to choose an instrument and start band. While I'm not sure I'm totally on board with starting a wind instrument in 3rd grade it's not as if I can deprive my child of the opporunity he's been lusting after since he was one.
One other hurdle, our school has decided to do band at 7:30 am. Does this seem freakishly early to anyone else? While it is totally doable for us at this point -- I have serious concerns about how it will work next year when I also have a Kindergartener who starts an hour later {sigh}. But I chose to email our pricipal on that issue -- hopefully they can find another time before next year. :)
So, here it comes -- the choice in instrument, figuring out if we'll rent or buy. It's all so very exciting. I think he is currently leaning towards the trumpet, although they're having an assembly sometime this week and hopefully he'll solidify at that point. He really wants to play trombone, but we've ruled that out til' he gets longer and stronger arms.
Mostly I'm just happy that there aren't any elementary school band boosters. :)


  1. How exciting! I still remember the day I decided to play the flute. I also remember my first band teachers - they were a husband and wife team and they made learning fun.

    I do think 7:30 is a little early, but that is also the time my children have to be in their classrooms ready to start school, so I don't think it's freakishly early. ;)

  2. Sydni's school starts at 730...but the whole having to take spencer at a different time would be a frustration. Maybe you could find someone to carpool with.

  3. The trumpet is an awesome instrument! :)

    We don't get to do school orchestra or band till 5th grade. Sad.

  4. Discouraging him from the trombone?? Unbelievable! I started trombone in 3rd grade and I bet I had weaker arms than he has!!


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