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I know — you all think I was born and bread in Utah — never leaving the shadow of the temple or the MTC, but how wrong you are. When I was 2 we moved to Williamsburg, VA where my dad taught at William and Mary and when I was 3 we again did a semester abroad in Princeton, NJ (where my dad taught at Princeton). I don’t remember a single thing, except for perhaps our bunk beds in New Jersey. But I digress. As I watched the today show today I realized what a great life that my parents must’ve though we were having. Living history, always going to historical sites, daily in fact. My mom said we had a bus pass in Williamsburg and every day we would explore more of what there was to see and do, me in my little umbrella stroller. In fact, I doubt any of you can name a historical site on the east coast that I have not been to. I might not remember it…. but i was there. :) Most likely there’s a slide of it somewhere.

There are NINE MILLION pictures of me in my little colonial cap (the puffy ones — like what Laura Ingalls wore to bed), and my brother in his 3 cornered hat, clad in a bath towel as his cape and we were crossing the Delaware as Martha and George in my mother’s washbasket.

So, what became of this? Well, my brother received a PhD in political science from Stanford and now teaches at BYU. He loves history, he can quote facts like a ticker tape and he was the most amazing student my AP History teacher ever had.

And then there’s me. I hate history. I don’t have the memorization gene that my father and brother have (NEVER, EVER play trivial pursuit with either one, it’s just embarrassing), my AP History teacher wondered what had happened, perhaps I was adopted when I took her class. To me history is a lot of dead people, who made a fair number of mistakes and while I think we can learn something from it — do we REALLY need to know ALL the details of battles, etc? Every once and a while something from the arts will perk my interest, but that’s about where it dies. I did take humanities history of the civilization while I was at BYU and I actually really liked that. But again, I find it mostly to be useless knowledge (which is pretty well forgotten at this point).

How does the apple far SO far from the tree? You’d think, with that upbringing I’d stand enraptured by our forefathers, but I’d rather have seen a cadaver than a history book.

Anyway, I’m not exactly sure where this blog is going — other than that genetics are funny things. It’s always interesting to see how brothers and sisters turn out. So rarely are they all in the same field with similar interests. It’s nice how we can all bring something to the table (even if I’m not allowed to talk about my work at my family’s table — even though my father and brother can drone on and ON about whatever was on Meet the Press that last weekend).


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    They don’t want to hear much about baby delivery while eating, eh?

    I think it’s great that we all have our interests.

    My brothers mostly couldn’t care less about the arts, and I am steeped in them.

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    I feel your pain… my dad is a church history specialist for the church and for BYU… I cannot tell you the number of cemetery’s and church history “sites” (not even the cool ones… the off the beaten path, obscure ones) I’ve had to endure in my life… and my dad would get so excited… he woudl start rubbing his palm’s and clapping as we approached. We were given a list of names that we were to scout out. And he thought it was so fun…BYU would pay for these trips so he would take all of us and call it “Family Vacation”… he couldn’t understand why we would even want to go to Disneyland instead of looking for Geneva Johnson’s grave who had once in the late 1800’s fed the Mormon missionaries… now that i look back I have lots of fun memories… but at 16 I was not amused.

    p.s. I want to see pictures too!!

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    I’m right with you on history. I had a inner burst of pure joy when during my senior year they lowered the history credit requirements and I promptly dropped that class of agony. Don’t get me started on my American Heritage class- I took naps there.

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    I wouldn’t want to talk about what you do at the table either…sorry! Do you and Drew talk about music at the table? We talk about all sorts of different stuff…who knows!

    Hey, talking history is probalby better than talking crops!

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