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Today was our church primary program. It’s only once a year, I wish it was every week — except for the fact that the primary presidency would surely quit, and ours does an amazing job. It’s where children under the age of 12 get up and share their thoughts on the gospel, sing and otherwise take-up a regularly boring hour.
Especially now that I have kids in primary and this year was the favorite year of all because I had a sunbeam. That’s right — they have even the 3 year olds get up. There’s dresses over the head, there’s pushing there’s love, it’s just so freakin‘ spiritual I can hardly stand it.

Spencer was amazing. He sings with such earnest it gives everyone a smile. Normally he sing with a large amount of gusto. I wasn’t quite as large as normal but it was super fab. regardless. My favorite things were 2 fold. He told me he got really, REALLY nervous when it was his chance to give his part — and his teacher told him to just take a deep breath “and that really helped.” The kid’s so funny. He also decided to just hum the last two songs. No idea if that is what they wanted, but he was the only one humming — sometimes you’ve just gotta hum.

Conner was also amazing, but in a more mature amazing way. He said his part without assistance (which you should be able to do when you’re 8). He also sang a 2 line solo in one of the songs. He was perfectly on pitch and he didn’t even dog out. Personally when I had a solo in primary we all got the giggles and I think the primary presidency wanted to beat us with belts. Not so for Mr Conner. Every one says it’s “in his genes”. I choose not to provide that kind of extra pressure — I’m just super proud he did it.

He takes after his grandpa as far as compliments goes. Mostly he glares at people and walks the other way. I could tell he was happy that people said things to him.

All in all a delightful experience. I wish you were all there. At no time can you feel God’s love more for His children. God loves little children more than we can imagine, of that each time I am so sure. To know that it is our job to lead and guide these little children of God. It’s overwhelming. Power to the little peeps.

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