TMI: Pregnacy Week 5

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The whole time I was pregnant I kept thinking how I should be blogging this. I knew what was happening but a lot of people in early pregnancy aren’t talking to friends and they might get some good out of what goes on. So, I’m gonna do a few TMI posts. I know my brother is particularly fond of posts about how my and women’s bodys in general work so if you don’t want to read that, STOP READING. I will say that I didn’t have a SINGLE Halloween treat last night. Just the thought of how it makes me feel — anyway, I’ll have a glucose TMI post, but I will be saving that for another day.

Again, stop reading if you don’t want to.

So, it was the last week of our summer. I was SO tired, I was smelling EVERYTHING, and not loving that. I was just sure I was pregnant but then I started bleeding. I figured it had all been in my head and I popped in some female protection, as I assisted a former YW to go through the temple. It was a great day but I went to the temple with 2 wishes in my heart. 1) To figure out this pregnancy thing, I figured I wasn’t pregnant and I wanted to know what was up. 2) To figure out our mortgage. I was in the middle of that whole mess. The day was amazing and I came home and fixed my mortgage that very afternoon. I also took out some very dry female protection. I figured it’d just start the next day. But it didn’t. I was actually pretty worried about myself. I was so tired that I thought I might have something really wrong with me. I usually sleep around 8-9 hours/night — but I was doing that in addition to napping for around 2 hours (let’s just say my children had a lot of fun these couple of weeks). The reason you sleep so much during this time is your body is building your placenta, which is basically a HUGE blood clot. It takes lots of iron and energy from your body — so, if you’re early in pregnancy and tired you won’t be able to work through it, you should just sleep. Finally on our 11th anniversary I did an EPT in the AM. I figured it’d be negative and I’d go online and buy some ovulation kits and pregnancy tests (a friend of mine showed me a great place where you get a ton of ovulation sticks and pregnancy tests for one good price — if anyone’s interested I can look it up again). It was VERY faintly positive. But, positive is positive. Sometimes women bleed when their placenta is attaching to the uterus. It’s very normal at this point — but my doctor did want me to go get a Rhogam shot because I am Rh negative — the new way of thought is that anyone who has a Rh incompatibility with the father of the baby should get a rhogam if they are spotting, at any point in the pregnancy. I taped the EPT inside a bouquet of Dr. Pepper bottles for Drew. He was touched, probably more by the Dr. Pepper than the stick from my urine. :)

Of course, from that point on you live in la-la-land. Will it all work, will it actually happen, how will it change your family, should I get a prescription for Prozac now or later?

I did go to the hospital and got some Beta HcG tests. I got them on 3 consecutive 48 hour periods and if you see it rising it is likely that your baby is growing and is not a blighted ovum. Of course, Kaiser did the wrong test for the 3rd day and just told me I was pregnant, rather than the number — so I of course was still left in the dark. This isn’t entirely affirmative but it’s the only indicator you can get at this point, since you won’t be seeing a heartbeat for a week or so — and let’s not forget I’m a totally paranoid person.

Anyway, there you go, that’s pretty much my first week of pregnancy in a nutshell. Mostly it was that, work and sleeping. Lucky Drew. BTW, he didn’t get me anything for our anniversary so I figure all the naps can just count as that, right?

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    Holy Crap, I have been ou tof the blogging loop for a while and when I came to check on you I was so suprised and excited, all I can say is I am glad it is you and not me, Yeah Hilary!!!!!! I hope you are blessed with something pink.

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    Here’s another TMI comment from me! It’s so hard knowing everything that can go wrong during a pregnancy. I hated working at Primary’s while I was pregnant for that reason. We had a few scares w/Bryce at the end, but it worked out for the best. I guess whatever happens, as long as we try our darndest to do our part, it’s in God’s plan.

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