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Did I mention I have a hernia? I don’t think I did. So far, not too painful but I after googling it and reading some of these ladies stories about how much it hurts I started to get nauseated. I talked to one of the doctors at work and she told me not to worry, I’d most likely be fine. However, after a few hours of standing, leaning over and all the motherly-wifely-stuff that I do I tend to feel it quite a lot, and I’m not a big fan of pain.

So I lay down. Left side if possible on my couch. And while I’m there I don’t do anything productive like read a novel, I watch TV (well, sometimes I do flip through grocery ads {high-five}). And of course most of my shows were on their holiday break so I had to find something else to record on my DVR. So I have two shows that have been my “go-to” shows… Bones and Little House on the Prairie.

I’m not sure you could find shows less alike, other then the fact I think Temperance and Lara might be good friends…

Drew finds it wildly amusing to see as I click between the two of them on my DVR. I think one day I watched like 8 bones episodes (a day after I worked, I do believe, when I’m especially tired). Anyway, just a little tidbit of my life.

Which name do you like better Temperence or Lara for our little girl? {kidding}

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  1. says

    Ummmm….without a doubt, I’d say Lara. :)

    I’ve seen an episode or two of Bones, and I liked it okay. Seems a little risque…at least the episode I watched.

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