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Last night I was reading the Ensign and they had some suggestions for studying the Doctrine and Covenants this year. One of them was to, along with the suggested readings for each week, go ahead and be reading the D&C cover to cover as well. Immediately I had that sense of overwhelming-ness wash over me. I’m really trying to stay prepared this year, along with trying to get in a little book of Mormon time each week (I have finally let go of the fact that I can’t study the Book of Mormon every day and keep up with the lessons in SS/RS — but I can try and study it a bit every week, and make sure it’s a part of my life), but now they want us to read the whole book cover to cover as well? I know, I freak-out easily. Feel free to mock.

So, this morning in my prayers I asked for a way to make this all work for me. I actually haven’t read the D&C cover to cover in a while, and I am guessing I could benefit from it. I worked it out in my mind to where I can read it, read some book of Mormon and stay up with my studying for class. It’s not what I hear recommended, but it’s going to work for me and I feel good about it.

Today, as I was vacuuming my hardwoods (yes, with my shark vacuum which I LOVE) I realized that there are so many delicate balancing acts as a member of the church, as a mom as a person.

For instance, there is no way I could be a full time stay at home mom, and we could stay out of debt. We would incur living expenses as debt, and for me that just isn’t OK. So, I work outside the home (and only one day a week), and I am OK with that. If you’re not, that’s your problem, most likely working outside the home isn’t your solution.

You can’t take casseroles to someone, be an amazing mom, support your husband in his calling, be on the PTA board, help out with the yearbook, go to playgroup and keep the spirit of Christ about you at all times. It’s just not possible. Sometimes something has to drop. You take an out on the PTA meeting, or skip the casserole this week.

Sometimes when I read through the Ensign ALL OF THAT COUNCIL is just overwhelming. There’s just no way to do it all. The beauty is, is that we are individuals who have to make an individual path back to our Heavenly Father, and even just make our way day-by-day, and our church encourages that. I am so grateful to have a testimony of that fact.

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    Man, EVERYONE I talk to today is on the SAME page! I love your comments. I don’t know what it is, maybe the month of January causes all this introspection, but whatever it is, I’ve got the bug as well and am trying so hard to understand my role better and accept it-no, embrace it- and maintain that delicate balance that you mentioned. You’re a great woman and I appreciate your thoughts.

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